The Ashland Waterpolo club would not survive without contributors like you. We are proud of our club and what we have created for many Ashland Highschool student athletes.

benefits of swimathon

Our club will make it one more season. Student athlete ownership and participation. Our aim is $200 per athlete, and a $5,000 total pledge will earn us a matching grant. Use online-funding.* You can also collect pledges based on laps or miles swam.

what to bring

If you are an athlete, don't forget your water bottle, towel, and goggles. If you are a contributor or a volunteer, we are just happy you are willing to help!

much more than a sport

Becoming affiliated with a group of like minded individuals, with common goals, and with the support of caring adults in a healthy environment help our students stay focus on what's important.

when and where

Join us at the Medford YMCA - Girls and boys will swim on Wednesday, September 25th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm - All athletes will be available to help on both days.

volunteers needed

Come join us we need lap counters and snacks - More importantly, we need your presence to cheer the kids, help count, and promote the event. Invite friends and family members.

* Gofundme will ask you for a percentage contribution from your pledge to Ashland Waterpolo. You can change this percentage to as little or as much as you like.

Go Grizz!

Swimathon 2019