Ashland Waterpolo

Get in the Water - Love What you Do

- Since 1984 -

The greatest sport you’re ever gonna play.

Who we are

The Ashland waterpolo club is for athlete’s who are looking for a challenge.  Our club offers the opportunity to connect to other students and athletes in a fun and healthy environment.

Why we are

Waterpolo is one of the toughest sports you could ever play. We love the sport, but we mostly love the people we get to be with. 

Where to find us

We practice at Daniel Meyer pool. Join us on Sunday evenings during the summer for pick up games. During the regular season we practice at Daniel Meyer and the YMCA in Ashland.

How it starts

You only need to know how to swim. Just come to play with us, and we are sure you will love it. You do not need previous  waterpolo experience.

Try it Yourself

What makes waterpolo so alluring? We believe the answer is the players. Our women’s and men’s teams are engaged athletes who are motivated by each other’s enthusiasm for the sport, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. Every season, we camp together while participating in different tournaments throughout the state. We play hard inside and outside the water. 

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